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    Punch products are designed to help replenish and restore your skin and hair's healthy glow.

    Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo – Biotin, Keratin, and DHT blockers 13.5oz


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    What if you could find a product that delivers the results you truly wanted, not the ones you’ve had to settle for? 

    Do you want hair that looks and feels stunning? Of course you do.  Our team has formulated an all natural shampoo that will WOW you. Our shampoo delivers a PUNCH…while it cleans deep, conditions and moisturizes. This shampoo will help build volume wh ile it works to restore and repair damaged hair. We use all natural ingredients and no added perfumes, along with other special ingredients to help you keep your hair feeling clean, silky and full.   [Continuous use of our shampoo renders  hair 26% thicker with more “body,” “volume,” “texture””….Guaranteed.]

    Punch Organic, Rapid Growth Shampoo deeply cleanses while it conditions, restores and repairs stressed, damaged, or thinning hair.  Our penetrating ingredients strengthen your hair too, resulting in less hair loss and breakage. Use it regularly for 30 days. Your hair will look fuller and feel healthy.

    Here’s the Punch Organic, Rapid Growth Shampoo rundown and why you should be using it on a regular basis:

    -We guarantee a 26% increase in thickness and volume

    – 100% plant based extract anti-aging shampoo reduces hair breakage and rebounds coagulated fibers, 

    – Daily reconstructing shampoo prevents hair from  its natural keratin deterioration 

    – Clinically tested Amino Acid Proteins Seal split ends, re-balance your hair’s own ability to repair itself

    We want you to feel good about this purchase. Give us 30 days.  We are so sure you’ll love our Organic, Rapid Growth Shampoo we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

    Get your hair looking beautiful again. Choose  Organic, Rapid Growth Shampoo by Punch

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