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    Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up everyday feeling at peace inside and brimming with positive energy??

    What if you could unlock the key to feeling this way every day?

    During this past year, our team learned that the majority of those suffering with confidence issues were women. That made our hearts hurt and we wanted to do something about it. Yes, we offer you great products for your outward appearance that help to give you that outer glow back, but we want to help with the inner glow too. So, we have a very effective, very special gift for all of you. We’ve gifted you access to one of the nation’s leading hypnotists, known in this very special area of confidence building.

    This audio file has all the tools you’ll need to help you build/rebuild your self-esteem and feel more positive and happy inside. 

    Listen to this audio file for 12 days, nightly before bed if you can, in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. In extreme cases, if possible, put the audio on repeat at bedtime on a very low volume.  Your brain is listening while you sleep.

    Self-Improvement issue:

    Relationship issues, Forgetting someone, Breaking up, Feeling attractive, Improving communications, Co-dependent, Low self-image, Forgetting a past lover, Feels ugly, Worries of a loved one, Not disappoint others, Being on time, Not affected by others, Procrastinating, Feeling passion in life, Law of attraction, Self-belief, Too much of a caregiver, Financial security, Feeling judged, Event Tomorrow creating stress, Confidence looking for a job, Looking for a new position of employment,  Interviewing for new position, Confidence on beginning new job, General confidence in your employment, New challenges or directions in business, Stress in business

    Stress Less: Make Room for More Happiness

    It’s a little-known secret that Wall Street execs, famous artists, and Silicon Valley whiz kids are some of the biggest advocates of meditation as a way to manage stress.

    A 2005 study at Harvard Medical School found that meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex, the area of your brain associated with attention and self-awareness.

    Furthermore, we now know it even reduces employee stress and burnout. A study on teachers at a school for children with severe behavioral problems who were treated to a Transcendental Meditation program had less stress, less depression, and overall lower burnout than other teachers.


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