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    Shampooing your hair seems like the easiest and straightforward thing you can do. Well, it seems like it’s not as easy as you think. There are some common mistakes that people make while using or shampooing their hair. However, mistakes can be avoided by following these simple steps.


    Not Knowing What Type of Hair and Scalp You Have

    For starters, you should get to know what type of hair you have. You have a lot of options. Thick, curly coarse, or thin? Know your scalp; is it dry, normal, or oily?

    Wrong Choice of Shampoo

    Start with identifying what hair and scalp type you have, and then choose the right shampoo along with the right conditioner. It is always better to pick a shampoo and conditioner made with all natural ingredients like Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo and Conditioner from Punch Skin Care.

    Not Reading the Ingredients and Directions on Your Shampoo Bottle

    Not all shampoo ingredients are good for your hair. For example, chemical additives on your shampoo may have a bad reaction on your scalp but for other people, it has no reaction at all. Or your shampoo might contain lemon and mint which can cause allergic reactions to some but in your case, it’s quite fine to use. One more thing is, always follow the direction indicated on your shampoo bottle because sometimes, it is different from other shampoos you’ve been used before.

    Using Too Much Amount of Shampoo

    Because you did not bother to read the shampoo labels and directions you don’t know that too much shampoo on one go can damage your hair, it can make your hair lifeless, dull and dry over time.

    Frequently Washing Your Hair

    It is not okay to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a day. While you enjoy doing this, eventually it will make your hair dull and dry. Hair expert says that it is ideal to wash the hair twice or thrice a week to prevent stripping of hair’s natural oils.

    Not Washing Your Hair Thoroughly

    Are you the type of person that gets in and out of the shower under 5 minutes? You better stop doing this, especially if you follow the rules of hair washing only twice or thrice a week. The proper way is to take your time to fully wet the hair, let shampoo lather to remove excess oil and dirt and later rinse off with water.

    How you shampoo can make or break everything you do with your hair. Knowledge is power, understanding your hair, your scalp, what it needs, and what products to use are important to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

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