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    This is my teenage daughter, Brooke.  She's beautiful, wouldn't you agree?? Brooke isn't happy, however. She has always had to deal with frizzy hair.  Just the slightest bit of moisture in the air and her hair has a fit.  As

    Neem, Nim tree, or Indian Lilac is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae and is native to India and Indian subcontinent. It typically grew in tropical and semi-tropical regions and the fruits and seeds of this tree are the

    During winter, the skin loses its moisture due to cold and dry weather. If winter drives you crazy because it brings your skin uncomfortable dryness and itchiness, I think it is time to upgrade your skin care regime to combat

    Every girl wants to have a healthy and shiny hair. Of course, we all want the best hair possible without exerting too much effort, especially during the morning. Today, hair expert from punch skin care offers you a guide to the

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